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Yet another snow day

Who would have thought I would ever get tired of snow days? I didn’t exactly mind having a snow day today (3 day weekend!) But I just checked the school website and we’ll be closed tomorrow as well. I work for a preschool but we follow the county’s public school schedule.

Nevertheless, today was another day of relaxation. Slept in again, later than I wanted but I thought I might as well while I could. I was starving upon awaking though and while I kind of wanted to make pancakes, I just didn’t have the patience. Instead I piled up a big cup of plain nonfat Greek yogurt and topped it with raw oats, chia seeds, blueberries, and good ol’ cinnamon.


I completed Day 3 of the wall-sit challenge (30 seconds), Day 3 of #backbendmadness2014 (Upward facing plank), and did some strength training and stretching in accordance with my training schedule. Really nothing major going on today besides cooking and cleaning too. Oh and folding laundry while listening to N’Sync Smile Lunch was leftover jambalaya with a big side of mango and avocado salad. I know the pictures aren’t of the highest quality but I’ve just been snapping them with my phone. And this one was extra funny because Misty (my cat) really wanted the shrimp out of the jambalaya. She was mid-swipe here but didn’t actually touch anything luckily.


Considering it’s Meatless Monday, I had already planned on making Kale, White Bean, and Sweet Potato Korma via www.inmybowl.com. However, since Giant didn’t have any kale, I ended up subbing a spinach mix in. I didn’t think it was as good but it’s okay. We put it over quinoa for extra protein. My husband even ate it up even though he didn’t think it was filling enough for him. Now once again I’ve got leftovers for tomorrow. Leftovers are awesome!


Honestly I had an idea earlier today about a real topic I wanted to write about but I didn’t make a note of it and now I have completely forgotten what it was. My mind is a sieve sometimes. Really I hope in the very least you are getting some meal ideas out of this.

And now because I want to have to go finish cleaning the kitchen from my mess earlier, I will leave you with my current obsession.


These olives are so addictive! This particular brand too. I’ve tried other but they don’t cute it. I could eat this whole jar in a sitting but I try to stop somewhere between 3-5 Open-mouthed smile


What do you usually do on snow days?

Do you have a current food obsession?


One thought on “Yet another snow day

  1. I just used the olive juice (oily) from the bottom of an olive bar container to top the salad I made for lunch tomorrow. Yes I have to go to work tomorrow while the kids get another snow day.

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