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It’s been a while. Let me catch you up.

I was going to try to blog daily but that just hasn’t happened. Sometimes when I eat the same thing for lunch as I had for dinner the night before, it’s just not very inspirational to publish Smile with tongue out

Instead now I have a collection of various things I’ve been eating lately. And yes I am still going strong with eating vegan for Lent.

3 bean chili with avocado


Oats with chia seeds and blueberries (made with light soy milk)


A giant salad from Roti. This one has lettuce, red onion, roasted veggie mix, cucumber & tomato salad, red cabbage and carrot slaw, olives, & hummus. There was also a fresh pita on the side (not pictured)


Ezekiel bread topped with hummus and cucumber with a side of blood orange


Red lentil & chickpea soup with tomatoes and spinach


Stir fry made with tofu, broccoli & cauliflower on top of brown rice. You just can’t see the rice underneath here but I promise it’s there. Also this picture looks sad because of the terrible lighting…..


Toast with peanut butter and blueberries


As for my workouts, I’ve been sticking to my training plan as close as possible. I did switch my long run from Sunday to yesterday though because of the beautiful weather we had. My husband and I had a nice run around Memorial Bridge and through the Georgetown waterfront. Today I chose the elliptical since it was cooler out (but still beautifully sunny!). I really need to buy a bike so I can do that on my cross training days…..

The wall sit challenge is getting quite difficult. We are up to 1 minute 30 seconds today and I barely made it. It. Hurt. A. Lot.

Besides the eating and working out, I had a pleasant weekend. I worked Saturday (atypical but it was fine) and then last night my husband and I went to see the new 300: Rise of an Empire. I had heard a lot of praise for it. I however was unimpressed. I’ll let you formulate your own opinions about it though and won’t spoil anything.

The last thing I want to leave off with is just a reminder to everyone to think ahead when doing any sort of extreme diet. Eating a vegan diet makes it extremely tough to get vitamin B12 since that nutrient is found primarily in foods derived from animals. Some foods are fortified with B12 like cereals, soy products, energy bars, and nutritional yeast. In my case, while I don’t typically take one when eating a normal diet, I have decided to supplement with a multivitamin at this time. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Smile


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