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A few favorites and a few new things

I will start off with my favorite meal from last week. As I mentioned earlier, I bought the Oh She Glows cookbook to try out some new vegan recipes. So on Saturday I made the Portobello Burger (except I didn’t make the pesto that goes along with it).


I put it on toasted Ezekiel bread and topped it with caramelized onions. On the top slice I added some smashed roasted garlic, a little whole grain mustard, and tomato slices. And those my friend, are some sweet potato fries on the side Smile Most definitely my favorite meal of the week. It really hit the spot after the 10 mile bike ride my husband and I went on along the Mt Vernon trail. Saturday had some beautiful weather and we took advantage. So did everyone else though because the trail was packed! There was a lot of dodging runners, walkers, and other bikers. Plus I had to slam on my brakes several times when there wasn’t enough room to maneuver. It was still fun though of course. We went about as far as the airport and then turned around. Our goal is to build up our mileage so that we can bike from the beginning of the trail all the way to Mt Vernon and back (about 30 miles round trip I think)


Funny, my other favorite meal of the week was also on Saturday. For brunch I made arepas because my mother-in-law bought us an arepa maker for Christmas. My husband is half Venezuelan and arepas are a popular dish there. They are a little flatbread made with ground corn flour (masa). You can put lots of different things inside but usually my husband’s family puts cheese and ham. I ended up making perico to go with it instead. Perico is another Venezuelan dish – basically scrambled eggs with tomato and onion. Since of course it’s still Lent and I’m not eating animal products, I just gave myself the tomato and onion, along with some avocado. It’s also very popular to have these with black beans but I didn’t think about it until after. It was morning after all and who wants to think that early on the weekend Winking smile


Much of what I ate was same old, same old, so I won’t share too much. I did go to Chipotle on Friday since we were out about town for a friend’s birthday. I tried the new sofritos option – the scrambled tofu. It was good and had a little spice to it.chipotle

I was also in the mood for a treat so we picked up some coconut milk ice cream. This was just alright. I think I just didn’t pick the right flavor because my husband got the butter pecan variety and it was a lot better.

ice cream

I’ll end on a high note this week. Training has been going pretty well. I’ve got just about 6 weeks to go now. My friend who is running with me met up with me yesterday morning for our long run – 6 miles this week. I wasn’t too sure how I was going to feel since I did what felt like a million squats and lunges on Friday plus the bike ride on Saturday. But you know what? We took it at a reasonable pace (~11 min/mile) and I felt amazing. When I got home I felt like I could go back out and run again! Definitely a runner’s high after that one. I’m feeling really excited about the race. Hopefully my parents are going to come down to cheer me on (and visit DC for the first time!!) Plus the day after is cinco de mayo so you know there are going to be Margarita specials going on. Yeah, that is going to be a fun weekend for sure. Can’t wait!!!


Did anyone else enjoy the weather/ do something fun on Saturday?


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